Essential Steps to Remember When Changing Electric Providers

According to a study conducted by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity in 2011, half of American households spend around 20 percent of their budget on energy bills. If you’re currently experiencing difficulty in keeping up with your utility bills, you might want to look for more affordable electric providers. These days, there are several companies like Expert Energy that offer reasonable tariffs which can significantly cut your overhead expenses. So, if you decide to make the switch, here are some steps you should remember:

Step 1: Make Sure That You’re In the Right State

Take note that the right to choose an energy provider depends on the state you’re in. States that allow electric companies to compete for business include Michigan, Texas, and Connecticut, to name a few. You can check with your locality’s public utility commission to find out if it’s possible for you to select an electric company.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Energy Consumption

To make the best choice, you have to compare your current provider with existing suppliers in terms of their rates. You can do this by reviewing your last four quarterly bills and filling in the data in online energy-price comparison calculators. You’ll immediately see how your present provider compares with others in the industry.

Step 3: Settle Everything with Your Previous Provider

Before calling a new company, you have to know that there might be service termination fees you’ll have to pay. Pay all your dues to avoid hassles in the future. You wouldn’t want a representative from your old electric provider constantly calling you or dropping by at your doorstep to collect whatever unsettled dues you might still have.

Step 4: Contact Your New Electric Company

Since you already have an idea which among the many reputable electricity companies can meet your needs based on the online price comparison, you’ll know which one to get in touch with. Try to confirm their tariffs and inquire more about their services. Also, ensure that you won’t go without electricity by requesting your chosen provider to start on the day your former service is cut off.

Changing energy providers doesn’t have to be complicated. As long as you keep in mind the basic steps stated above, you could be enjoying lower rates and more peace of mind in a couple of weeks.

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