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Electricity Choice FAQs

Can I switch electricity companies?

You can switch electricity providers if you live in a deregulated area. Not all states have voted to deregulate energy. Check your state to see if you are in an energy deregulated area.

What is "deregulation"?

Deregulation of energy reduces the role of the government. Regulation is thought to stifle competitiveness, productivity, efficiency, and pricing. Deregulated energy states allow competition in the Sales and Billing of your energy. However, no matter who sells and bills your energy, your local utility still manages the transmission and distribution of it.

Will I lose reliability if I change Electricity providers?

No. No matter which provider you choose to purchase the electricity from, it will still be delivered to you by your local utility with the same reliability.

If I change providers, what do I do if I have an outage?

Your local utility is still responsible for the repair and maintenance of the wires and poles. If you have an outage, you would call the local utility just as you do now.

Will I notice any difference in my service when I change providers?

No. Your electricity will still be delivered by the same utility company and through the same wires as it is now.

If I switch to you, where will my bill come from?

Except for Texas, you will receive one bill and it will come from your local utility but it will have your new lower pricing on it and the name of your new provider.

Do I have to tell my local utility that I switched providers?

No. Your new provider is an approved provider and will notify your local utility of the change. The local utility works with the new provider to change the electricity supply portion of your bill to the new provider.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is an electricity meter that communicates with your local utility real-time. It doesn't require someone to come out and "read" it. Because the usage can me monitored in real-time, it allows you to save money by better planning your consumption.